Friday, February 3, 2012

What I'm thinking about in Marketing Communications this year

I read Marketing Magazine, AdAge and many other marketing related blogs and sites on a daily basis. So it got me thinking, what are the top ideas floating around in my head as a result, and how can I offer this up as guidance to my clients in the work that I do? Here, in a nutshell, is what I'm focusing on right now:
  • To continue to shift from “pushing” their messages out to audiences to “pulling” them in with relevant, engaging content.
  • To avoid doing exhibits, publications and websites simply because "it's what we did last year"
  • To focus on research and metrics/evaluation of past marketing efforts as a basis for re-aligning and improving future efforts
  • To resist spending on "one-off" marketing activities and instead focus on developing a marketing plan as early as possible in the program/product life cycle and shift resources to the best tactics to reach marketing objectives
  • To stay current on developments in social media, mobile marketing and web analytics in order to be able to provide informed advice to clients in these areas
  • In a time of fiscal restraint, to develop relevant partnerships and collaborations with industry, media and other stakeholders to maximize unpaid distribution channels
It's always good to have objectives in your head, but writing them down certainly helps with your follow-through.

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